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Kiel McDougall is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. He takes the time to find out what your body needs — and what will inspire you to have fun and work hard — and crafts every workout accordingly to get the best results out of you. He will push you to your limits, but somehow make it a ton of fun every time, from straight physical training to yoga to MMA to workout creations of his own.  Kiel also does a great job of showing you how to workout on your own to get the most out of sessions with him. He’s a hell of a nice guy, so his manner and patience make him perfect for beginners, but he’s also a busted-nose badass from Maine, so his knowledge and fire make him perfect for all levels of fitness experience. I would recommend Kiel to anyone looking to get in shape, break a sweat and have some fun. He’s the man.

- Josh Lohrius, Age 40

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I approached Kiel because I was interested in training MMA and Brazilian jui jitsu. We eventually expanded to also include swim coaching and weight training. Kiel helped me push past my comfort zone and achieve things I did not think were possible. The result: I overcame my fear of water and successfully completed my first sprint triathlon in 2014.

Kiel is always engaged and prepared for our training sessions. All of my workouts were customized to fit me and my abilities. He researched exercises to help me reach my potential.  His caring as a coach never stopped in the gym.  We worked together on nutrition, exercises and stretches to perform on my own.

I found the experience life changing.

I would recommend Kiel to anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle. He truly changed my life. I will be forever grateful.

Agnese’ Milito, Age 41

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My name is Tena, I am now 27 yrs old and I have had the privilege of knowing and training with Kiel for the last 3 years in Chicago, IL. During those 3yrs Kiel and I have trained 1:1, in a team setting and in a Group Class setting practicing MMA, self defense, boxing, TRX strength training and supplemental personal rehabilitation.

After a frightening situation 3 summers ago, as a young woman in an urban city, I chose to seek out self defense, which is what initially brought me to the gym Kiel trained at; a fighting gym. It was very intimidating and I immediately felt like I was in over my head. Kiel was among the first coaches I met and was a very big reason why I felt comfortable enough to come back. He was confident and welcoming but markedly experienced and demonstrated a certain ‘ease’ in his teaching approach; he was clearly a natural.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge and experience he has, I also believe Kiel to have a knack for Gravitation — I often describe Kiel as “like gravity” because everything is attracted to him; he breathes life into everything he encounters and brings together all of his passion, experience and networks for the betterment of the whole. Kiel is relentless in his pursuit of knowledge and tirelessly shares what he absorbs. He is driven, energetic, technical and above all passionate. He is a role model, a friend and a hell of a coach.

Training with Kiel has taught me the importance of patience, humility and genuine human kindness. His willingness to support your weakness and sharpen your skills with endless patience and positivity is what makes one eager to push on, willing to step out of one’s comfort zone and confident to take on any challenges presented.

Kiel’s motivation, positivity and dedication to his craft and students are a continued inspiration to my daily life. If you have a goal, if you have a personal hurdle to conquer or you are just looking for an example of Grace and Integrity, Kiel is the person and coach you are looking for.

- Tena West, Age 27



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