Rates & Pricing


Flexible Training Package
(Sessions expire 365 days after purchase.)
Single Session…. $85
Pack of 5…. $400 ($80/session)
Pack of 10…. $750 ($75/session)
Pack of 20…. $1,400 ($70/session)

Fixed Schedule Training
(Minimum 1 month purchase required.)
4x/mo…. $280 ($70/session)
8x/mo…. $520 (65/session)
12x /mo…. $780 ($60/session)

Group Training
2 People…. $45/Person
3-5 People…. $35/Person
6-9 People…. $25/Person
10+ People…. $15/Person

Please contact me to find how to receive a complimentary introductory session!

Please note that at-home personal training may increase the rate, depending on your location.



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Training Locations

I Come To You!

Training locations include:

Your home, or your home/office building's gym;

The gym you're a member of (if they allow you to bring your personal trainer with you); and

Ridge Fitness (1414 31st Avenue South #103, Seattle, WA 98144).

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