Hi, my name is Kiel McDougall.
Welcome to IRON TREE MMA.

I’m here to help you find your way to optimum health. My services include but are not limited to: personal fitness training, mixed martial arts training (Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, advanced strategy, and more), injury recovery, metabolic conditioning, strength training, personalized mobility, and yoga.

Finding your way to optimum health takes more than an hour at the gym. Being healthy is a lifestyle. I am deeply committed to holistic wellness – this means a complete, 360 wellness approach. You deserve to feel healthy, and to feel good. I will talk to you about your health and wellness goals, assess your strengths, customize exercise and movement plans for your body, discuss food and diet and even go grocery shopping with you.

“Everyone has a fight. We’ll help you win yours.”

Every person who walks through my door is unique.  Whether you want to lose weight, get strong, and feel good; or you want to step into a ring and be a competitive fighter; your path is going to be different than your friend’s path.  You’ve got your own fight, and I’m here to help you win.


kiel - assessWhen you and I first meet, we’re going to take a look at your movement patterns and identify areas of efficiency and inefficiency. Weaknesses in your system can lead to overcompensation and motion restriction, which can lead to injury and health limitations over time. You can put in a good hour at the gym, only to continue fighting an uphill battle because your everyday movements are negating the effects of your exercise.


kiel - active

Based on your assessment (your body, your movement and injury history, your life style, and your health goals) I will create a custom exercise and movement plan that grows and changes along with you.

In America, we love to look for a magic wand when we have a problem. We want something easy that promises results. The reality is, there is no one-size-fits-all exercise regiment. You need exercises and a movement plan specific to your body, lifestyle, movement and injury history, and health goals. You wouldn’t go to an auto shop and ask the mechanic to give your car the same tune ups and fixes as the car right before you. In line with that, not all exercises are created equal for your body at this time. Squats, for example, when done properly, are great for strengthening your legs, butt, and back. However, if you have restrictions in ankle or hip mobility, squats can actually do more harm than good.


kiel - foodanddietHaving had health issues myself, I have experimented with countless approaches to food health. Based on my experience, as well as my studies, continuing education, and the close observation of my clients’ diets, we will discuss the role of food in your life. In addition to discussing food, I will even go to the grocery store with you. What you eat is just as important as exercise and movement. Food is not just fuel – it is what your body is made of. An excellent exercise regiment can’t undo a poor diet. What you put INTO your body and what you DO with your body go hand in hand.

Let’s get you to OPTIMUM HEALTH.

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